The History of Caldera

Caldera started out as a minor province under the great Titan worshipping Empire of Hitalai. During the War in Heaven Hitalai was among the First Human Empires to collapse. In it’s collapse several ambitious nobles declared themselves Kings and formed a league of Kingdoms known as the Hitalain League. One these Kingdoms was Calderans.

The Early Kingdom:
The First King of Caldara, was Gaius the Pathfinder. He was a good King and ordered the once province of Caldara, into a an independent Nation. The trouble started with Traquin the Tyrant, rumored to have killed his older brother to take the throne. He was avid Titan worshipers, and saw cultist’s everywhere, even where were none. At this time the tide in the War in Heaven was turning against the titans. In Caldara several nobles decided to switch sides and staged a coup against Traquin and the League. They elevated Flavuis the Pious to the crown, and all the people who supported this coup, became noble Patricians.

The Late Kingdom
The overthrow of Traquin was well remembered by the plebeians, the lower class of Cladera, as it was time when the Rhetoric of Liberty and Freedom filled the air. The new Kingdom although Freerer was little better. The praticains controlled the Senate and now elected the King. Their rule was fair only to those in power. Soon even other Patricians began to hate the rule of the Kings again. After Flavius was Lucius the Well mannered. After Lucius was Traquin the second Tyrant. In a manner very reminiscent of the other throw of the second Tyrant, Traquin was cast out. But this time something changed. The plebeians left the state and tried their own.

The birth of the Republic:
When the plebeians left the state the Patricians did not panic. At first the assumption was that the plebeians would return relatively soon. However when they did not the Patricians became more than a little nervous. They began to negotiate with the plebeians about the formation of the new state. The high offices of Consul and the senate where to be the domains of patricians the plebeians would be given their own access to the high offices of state, such as the Tribunes.

The Early Republic:
The early days of the republic were spent in political machinations with and against the various neighbor nations and city states. It was during this time that the State used the traditional citizen levy to supply it’s troops. Although effective it was widely considered inefficient. for not harrnasing the full potential of the landless soldiers. However for 500 years the Republic enjoyed moderate growth in the region. However soon they would adopt their famous legion reforms.

Invasion and Reform:
Roughly 400 years ago the Tuetons and Heclatica tribes came down from Hibernia to loot the softer people of the south. The Calderans sent three traditional armies to face them. They were then crushed horribly.

The History of Caldera

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