Background:The city without distinctions. The city of opportunity. The Free City of Eberakum was alll that, and still is. However it is no longer the “free” city. Eberakum and the entire island it resided on Thesslicona have been conquered by the Calderans. Eberakum now stands as the captial of the Caldrian province of Thesslicona. Although it remains a crossroads tensions run high as Calderans put on more and more of a presence in the city.

People and Population: The population and people of Eberakum are a true melting pot. Eberakum was a major trading partner with Puntos, dwarves , the Helmir, and even sometimes the reclusive Tummir and Lefmir. As a result the population is a liberal mixing pot of native Thessliconsns, Calderans, Helmir, Puntites, and halfings, and dwarves. Recently the Helmir presence in the city has been growing, causing tensions with immigrating Calderans.

Religious Presence: The city itself has a huge temple devoted to Merisnous the god of the Seas, and has shrines dedicated to all the gods sprinkled throughout the city. There is an order of priests known as the Sea Readers, who on each day read out Merisnous’s moods and declaring whether or not it is safe to sail on that day depending on the God’s mood. It might be worth chancing it if he is angry but Endron forbid if you sail out when he is BORED.

Law and Military: The Eberakum Gaurds used to be a gangle of mercenaries from all other. However that changed when the Calderans came 5 years ago. Now the guard is the Thesslicona Capitol Guard made up exclusively out of Calderans. They clash frequently with members of the old Guard who want their old jobs back. The city contains the 67th Legion’s First Cohort nominal to enforce order but in reality to guard the life of the Governor.. There is also confusion about whether certain offenses are carried to the city courts or to the provincial courts

Politics: The city is the only place where the Governor of the Province does not have free reign. Due to the agreement under which Eberakum was added to the republic the old city council retains much of its old authority. They try to maintain the city as it was before the Calderans came and so far they have done a good job. It clashes bitterly and frequently with the Governor, who thinks that a proper provincial capital should obey the Republic and not itself. Under this the council has started to use the old guard to assist its goals. Talk of secession is near open…..

Important People:
Sulla Corinllius Agripina Thessliconus: As a consual he clashed bitterly with the Senate back in Cladera. They challenged the proud young man to expand the Republic and off he went to Thesslicona. And to the Senates shock he conquered almost the entire island. All of it except for Eberakum. This is where the Senate saw an opportunity. They neogaited a peace with Eberakum so that they would regain the upper hand. They awarded Sulla with the additional name Thessliconus, to signify his conquest over the island. It was standard practice for consul to have Governiship over his conquered province for a certain term determined by the Senate. However the Senate made his term until the “integration problem was solved” effectively making him exiled indefinitely. And after 5 years of ruling over this grubby Province young Sulla is looking for anyway to solve the “problem” and return to his political career at home.

Lord Julius Gericous Servinous: A member of the council for years at this point he is a native Thessliconian. As head of the council he lead the negotiation efforts and he was the one who convinced the Senate to allow the Governor and the council to share power over the goverence of Eberakum. He uses fierce rhetoric about the greatness of Eberakum’s past to make the mass rise up in indignation. If Sulla had to pick his least favorite man this would be it without doubt.

Lord Gaius Barchus Mesinus Eberakus: The only native born Calderan on the council he to was on the team that negotiated Eberakum’s surrender. The Senate gave him the name Eberkaus, to subtly imply to Sulla that he did not conquer everything he promised to conquer. This was intend to cause a rift between him and Sulla. However, this did not work as the two recognized the natural allies they could be. Mesinus is a staunch ally of the Governor on the Council.

Archmage Varis Galanodel: As a young elf Varis became enamoured with the Idealism displayed in Eberakum’s mixed community. He felt it lacked one thing though and that was the Helmir tradition of Wizardry. So he founded the Eberakum college of Magic. 300 years later he is bitterly disappointed. Although he had succeeded in what he set out to do the results, are not quite what he expected. The college is dominated by Helmir and the multiracialism that he hoped to foster is not there. The other races simply don’t have the fortitude for the magical arts and just let the High Elves handle it. Another thing is that he frequently clashes with the governor over the imposition of the Caderan Mages Organization over his college. He is beginning to wonder whether or not it is time to give up and return to the great Colleges and Orders of his homeland. A recent conversation with the young Elf mage Valergain, in which he granted the young wizard full access to the colleges library of spells, drove this point home.

Hitram Herjm: A Puntosi merchant, he is the richest man in the city. Hardly a deal goes by without him being in the “know” about it and he controls his “business” with a Iron fist. A good grasp on the Slave trade is what allowed him to rise to the top, and slaves remain his top commodity. He is the owner of the Arena, and he does not allow death matches unless all the fighters are volunteers. Gladiators are expensive to replace after all.

Westus Holimion: Head priest of the Sea readers, Westus is the main religious leader of the city. He left the Tummir homeland to escape the Dark Elves rigid and bloody scioty. When he set out his ship capsized and washed him aboard Thessliscona’s shores. He took this as a sign from the Sea God and for, then on one was priest in his service. It is under him that the temple began providing healing to the public, at almost no cost.


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